What is Prompt-That? 
The prompt whispers you are dreaming for. 

Prompt-That is a service that provide AI Image Generation Prompt writing, images and configuration to companies and people around the world create by Melisa Machuret.

We create special prompts for each case study and traine bots to produce prompts align to your image specifications or brand guidelines. We aim to create a perfect look and feel for your images based on your brand.

We create prompt engenieering for Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Leonardo, Dall-e and more.

In the world of generative AI you need a partner that understand the trends and new technologies, being there to help you achieve low cost production and excellent results. 

Let us Prompt-That...

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We ensure that every detail, nuance, and subtlety is captured, translating your ideas into the language that AI understands best.

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Food Prompt Atlas

Food Prompt Atlas

Authentic custom made AI Generated Images for the Food Industry.


AI Fashion

AI Fashion

Eye-catching fashion AI Generated images based on real clothing of designers. 


Brand Bots for AI Generated

Brand Bots for AI Generated

Crafting cohesive brand visuals that have the look and feel of your brand.



Promp-That has been part of different academical and experimental collaborations for the creation of AI Generated Images.


What is Prompt-That?

In the era of generative AI, Prompt-That is a B2B solution for the creation of generated images, bots that produce prompts, customization of AI generated images and much more. 

Which AI models are you using to create your AI content?

We are capable to work, understand and improve any AI Image Generator in the market, choosing the best one that fit your needs for your project or brand.  We specialized also in working with commercial or Open Source AI coding. 

Which is the best way to contact you and start a project?

Each brand or project have specific needs. The best way to contact us is using the contact form and explain us your AI needs. We will be happy to answer ASAP to offer your a solution for your generated images. 

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